Team Bullied offers different workshops, customized for the following groups:

  • Early Childhood
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Workplace
  • Summer Camps

Sample topics covered in workshops for students include:

  • Hidden influences on bullying in our culture (including reality-based TV and media)
  • Strategies to prevent and manage cyberbullying
  • The differences between normal social conflict and true bullying.
  • The fluidity of bullying roles, and how to safely shift from being a bystander into a witness or an ally.
  • The benefits of responding to bullying behaviors with restorative actions instead of punitive actions.
  • Effects of bullying on the brain, whether you are the victim, the bully, or the bystander.
  • The difference between choosing not to hang out with someone (acceptable) and actively trying to make someone feel aggressively excluded (not acceptable).
  • Steps to take with the school if you are being bullied.
  • Techniques to help you deal with verbal taunting in the moment as it happens.
  • The difference between harmless flirting and sexual harassment.
  • Learning the difference between tattling and reporting.
  • Discussion of good friends versus bad friends.
  • Knowing when to ask for help — targets of bullying frequently turn to self-harming actions to cope with their pain.

Sample topics for workshops for the workplace include:

  • Defining bullying in the workplace
  • Sexual harassment as a form of bullying
  • How bullying impedes productivity in the workplace
  • Working on the same team — how to switch your colleagues from competitors to collaborators
  • Restorative responses to aggression in the workplace
  • The effects of bullying on the brain– both as bullies and as victims– and why it weakens your work
  • Cyberbullying in the workplace: prevention and intervention

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